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Elena Kagan
Elena Kagan
A classmate of Women's Rights advocate Eliot Spitzer, Elena Kagan studied Socialism as an undergraduate.

Shortly after obtaining her law degree, Kagan returned to academia, where she resided for many years prior to being placed on the Supreme Court by President Obama.
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Elena Kagan Quotes
Elena Kagan joined countless people across the country in questioning her nomination to the Supreme Court.
“And to tell you the truth, there were also things that I got because I was a woman. I mean I'm not sure I'd be sitting here. I'm not sure that I would've been President Obama's nominee if I weren't a woman, and if he weren't, if he wasn't as committed as he was to ensuring that there was diversity on the Supreme Court.”
Elena Kagan, October 19, 2012 Audio and/or video clip available

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