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Alvin Greene
Alvin Greene
An unemployed person living with his parents, in 2009 Al Greene was arrested for showing an pornographic image to an 18 year old college student. Greene was voted by Democrats as their nominee in the 2010 South Carolina Senate election.

After losing to Senator Jim DeMint in the general election, Greene unsuccessfully ran for State Representative.

In August of 2013, Greene was arrested for trespassing. Police described him as disoriented.
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Alvin Greene Quotes
Appearing on WBT, Democrat Senate nominee Alvin Green had interesting things to say about his sudden stardom.
“I'm interesting. Interesting, more than anything else. Just interesting. I have interesting ideas and interesting ways of doing things.”
Alvin Greene, August 30, 2010

Democrat US Senate Candidate Alvin Greene didn't take kindly to reporters showing up at his father's house (where the candidate resided) after Greene was indicted on obscenity charges.
“Go go go! Goooooo!”
Alvin Greene, August 13, 2010 Audio and/or video clip available

After allegedly showing an 18 year old college student a pornographc image, future Senate candidate Alvin Greene trying to lure her back to her room. The incident led to his arrest.
“Let's go to your room.”
Alvin Greene, November 2009

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