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Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Quotes
According to Richard Bissell, when word got out that American pilots had been shot down in a strike against Cuba during the Bay of Pigs campaign, Bobby Kennedy's main concern was with a second Francis Gary Powers incident.
“Those American pilots had better be goddamned well be dead.”
Robert Kennedy, April 19, 1961

According to Bobby Baker, Robert Kennedy had an angry reaction to his suggestion that Teddy was a little hard on Lydon Johnson in a speech.
“You Johnson people are running a stinking damned campaign and you're gonna get yours when the time comes.”
Robert Kennedy, July 1960

According to Jackie Kennedy, Robert Kennedy questioned how bad things would be if Lyndon Johnson became President.
“Oh God, can you ever imagine what would happen to the country if Lyndon was president?”
Robert Kennedy, Unknown Date

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