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Elijah Cummings
Elijah Cummings
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Elijah Cummings Quotes
Speaking to the Legislative Conference of the National Treasury Employees Union, Elijah Cummings had an interesting take on payroll patriots.
ďSo many people come to government knowing that they are not going to make the kind of money they would make in the private sector but they come to government to feed their souls.Ē
Elijah Cummings, February 4, 2015

Appearing on Face the Nation, Congressman Elijah Cummings claimed President Obama cared about the troops, but President Bush didn't.
ďHe comments about the president being concerned about having second thoughts at times about putting our troops in harmís way. I know the president. I know he cares about these troops. Thatís basically what the secretary said, so Iím glad he did that, Iím glad he maybe had second thoughts. And I can not say that was the situation always with President Bush.Ē
Elijah Cummings, January 12, 2014 Audio and/or video clip available

Speaking to a witness in the hearings about the attack and murders at Benghazi, Elijah Cummings stated that death is a part of life.
ďAnd, as I listen to your testimony I could not help but think of something that I said very recently, two years ago now, in a eulogy for a relative. I said that death is a part of life, so often we have to find a way to make life a part of death.Ē
Elijah Cummings, May 8, 2013

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