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Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Johnson
The President that even Democrats try to forget about.
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Lyndon Johnson Quotes
When asked about having a person from Indiana work at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, Lyndon Johnson had an interesting thing to say about the state.
“I never met a man from Indiana who was worth a shit.”
Lyndon Johnson, 1969

Upon leaving office, President Johnson reportedly had interesting advice for his cabinent members.
“Each of you had better leave this town clean as Eisenhower's hound's tooth. The first thing Democrats do when they take power is find where the control levers are. But the first thing Republicans do is investigate Democrats. I don't know why they do it but you can count on it.”
Lyndon Johnson, 1969

In a recorded phone call, President Lyndon Johnson implied blacks knew nothing except breeding.
“I'm going to try to teach these nigras that don't know anything how to work for themselves, instead of just breeding. I'm going to try to teach these Mexicans can't talk English to learn it, so they can work for themselves.”
Lyndon Johnson, March 2, 1964

According to Time magazine correspondent Hugh Sidey, President Lyndon Johnson spoke of the content of spy tapes taken of Martin Luther King Junior.
“Goddammit, if you could only hear what that hypocritical preacher does sexually.”
Lyndon Johnson, Unknown Date

Following a visit to Mexico, President Johnson reportedly had interesting things to say about the poor.
“If I became dictator of the world, I'd give all the poor on earth a cottage, and birth control pills—and I'd make damn sure they didn't get one if they didn't take the other.”
Lyndon Johnson, Unknown Date

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