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Tom Harkin
Tom Harkin
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Tom Harkin Quotes
Tom Harkin proved that once again the War on Women is being fought by Democrats.
“Well, I hear so much about Joni Ernst. She is really attractive, and she sounds nice. Well, I got to thinking about that. I don’t care if she’s as good looking as Taylor Swift or as nice as Mr. Rogers, but if she votes like Michele Bachmann, she’s wrong for the state of Iowa.”
Tom Harkin, 2014

Speaking in the Senate, Tom Harkin accused Republicans of being anarchists for wanting to defund Obamacare.
“There seems to be a sense Mr. President among some members across the aisle here and certainly among a block of Republicans in the House that shutting down the Federal government is no big deal. Well, I suppose if you are of an anarchist mind, which I believe some of them may be, then you don’t want government, you want to create chaos, you want to create confusion.”
Tom Harkin, September 27, 2013 Audio and/or video clip available

Speaking in the Senate, Tom Harkin accused Republican efforts to defund Obamacare as being one fo the most dangerous points in US history.
“It's dangerous, it's very dangerous. I believe Mr. President that we are at one of the most dangerous points in our history right now. Every bit as dangerous as the break up of the Union before the Civil War.”
Tom Harkin, September 27, 2013 Audio and/or video clip available

According to the Congressional Record, Senator Tom Harkin falsely claimed that, under Obamacare, Americans could keep their insurance if they liked it
“One of the things we put in the health care bill when we designed it was the protection for consumers to keep the plan they have if they like it; thus, the term ‘grandfathered plans.’ If you have a plan you like — existing policies — you can keep them.”
Tom Harkin, September 29, 2010

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