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John Conyers
John Conyers
A career politician, Michigan Congressman John Conyers crowning achievement was co-founding the Congressional Black Caucus. Since then, Conyers has been caught in ethics and banking scandals. In addition, his wife pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit bribery in June 2009.
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John Conyers Quotes
Speaking in the House, Congressman John Conyers hoped the term out of status would be used instead of illegal immigrant.
“I hope no one uses the term uh ‘illegal immigrants’ here today. Our citizens are not ill...the people in this country are not illegal, they are out of status, they are new Americans that are immigrants, and uh I, I think that we can forge a path to citizenship that will uh will be able to pass muster.”
John Conyers, February 5, 2013 Audio and/or video clip available

When asked at the National Press Club if Obamacare would lead to single payer health care, Congressman John Conyers said it wouldnt be smooth, but it would make it less difficult.
“Well it’s a platform. I don’t think they flow smoothly but without that, if we didn’t have this then health care, universal health care would be an even more difficult legislative objective.”
John Conyers, March 14, 2011

Speaking at the National Press Club, Congressman John Conyers argued that voting for a flawed Obamacare law was necessary, as it would lead to single payer health care sooner.
“We both ended up voting for it in the end for this reason, that had that bill, with all its flaws, failed, it would have taken us another decade or longer to get single payer up and going. We view the health care reform bill as a platform on which we are now able to move forward.”
John Conyers, March 14, 2011

Speaking at the National Press Club luncheon, Congressman John Conyers couldn't understand why anyone in Congress should have to read the full Obamacare law, due to its length and complexity.
“I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill.' What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”
John Conyers, July 24, 2009 Audio and/or video clip available

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