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Thomas Menino
Thomas Menino
Thomas Mumbles Meeno haz bin da maya of the zity of Voston fuh meny yeahs.
Thomas Menino on Wikipedia
Thomas Menino Quotes
Speaking at a press conference about the 2013 Boston Red Sox World Series appearance, Boston Mayor Thomas Mumbles Menino invented a new sports contest, the World Series Cup.
“We're all be rooting hard to bring back the World Series Cup to Boston, like we did in 2004 and 2007.”
Thomas Menino, October 22, 2013

In an interview with the New York Times magazine, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Mumbles Menino claimed he\' liked to live in Detroit so that he could blow it up, a quote that quicky found him in hot water.
“I’d blow up the place and start all over.”
Thomas Menino, August 30, 2013

Boston Mayor Mumbles Menino once again showed off his sports knowledge in a taped phone conversation with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake, has he invented two new Patriots players, Vince Wilcock and 'Gonk.' Menino previously called Gonk Grabowski.
“But we have Tom Brady here, and we have Tom Brady here, we have Tom Brady here. He has been our point person...he's been on our point person, on point person all season long. And Stephen Ridley, I mean another great guy, and Wilcock, Wilfork I'm sorry, Wilfork I'm sorry, Wilcock, Wilfork. What? He doesn't, you know, he's not a TV guy. He plays on the field between the lines. So don't look at the TV stuff. You know, people say to me, 'Mayor, you look much better in person.' I'm not a TV guy either. I play better in the community meetings. So just let me say, don't worry about that stuff. But we have it all. And uh, you know, Hernandez is gonna do a great job, he sets in for Gonk as Gonk's hurt. But uh, we have a pretty, the defense is coming together.”
Thomas Menino, January 17, 2013 Audio and/or video clip available

In his speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Boston Mayor Thomas Mumbles Menino cited Boston as a place where someone with a name simliar to Martin Luther King Jr. studied.
“Where millions of students have come to study, including a great American named Martha Luther King Junior.”
Thomas Menino, September 5, 2012 Audio and/or video clip available

Big Celtics fan Mayor Thomas Mumbles Menino attempted to talk about Rondo and Kevin Garnett.
“That's the way they are. We have uh, what the Celtics have is really uh they have a lot of uh experience, they have great talent on the team, and a mixture of that the good bench they have, with the uh, you know, the top four they have in in an start with them, and uh we go from there, and don't forget we're not playing with uh Bradley, you know, that's a, he was a great asset to that team, and uh a lotta heart in this team, let me just tell ya, uh, eh, KJ is a great header, but Hondo, Hondo's really the inspiration, I mean, Hondo drives that team, and uh I'm really uh pleased what's happened over the last few nights.”
Thomas Menino, June 6, 2012 Audio and/or video clip available

“It'd be a great weekend for the city, just think about uh the uh game at uh Foxboro Stadium. Tebow is you know doing those phenomenons with the football right now uh, most favorite ah player that I saw ready recently, but we have Tom Brady, who's true and this as a veteran's um technique of how to get through these difficult games.”
Thomas Menino, January 13, 2012 Audio and/or video clip available

Prior to the AFC divisional playoff game between the Broncos and Patriots, Boston Mayor Thomas Mumbles Menino decided to show his football knowledge, attempting to talk about Tight Ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, as well as Wide Receiver Wes Welker.
“The last game we had, uh what what Brady did, I mean Brady has those wide receivers out there, the uh, you know Grabowski, Hernandez, uh, Wes Weckler, I mean he has them all.”
Thomas Menino, January 13, 2012 Audio and/or video clip available

“Colorado beer? That hasn't made it east yet. I mean uh it's uh Sam Adams is rated uh to the west and Harpoon's out there, but uh Colorado Rocky beer? Ew.”
Thomas Menino, January 13, 2012 Audio and/or video clip available

Boston Mayor Tom Mumbles Menino apparently thought the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins were ballplayers.
“Congratulate the uh Boston Bruins for a great series bringing the Stanley Cup back to Boston to 1972 and uh great ballplayers on the ice and also great ballplayers off the ice.”
Thomas Menino, June 2011 Audio and/or video clip available

Boston Mayor Mumbles Menino was horrified to discover illegal aliens could be deported under the Secure Communities legislation for 'simple crimes' such as stealing cars.
“But what I found out was through our research that people for your stolen cars, simple crimes, their fingerprints were sent down to Washington and being deported also.”
Thomas Menino, 2011

Not only did Boston Mayor Thomas Mumbles Menino coin a new phrase (replacing iconic moment with ionic moment), but he also declared Boston Red Sox Catcher Jason Varitek the replacement for New England Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri.
“In Boston, we have an amazing set of remarkable athletes, whose action in the moment have become ionic in sports. Havlicek stole the ball; Fisk waving the ball fair; Flutie launching the Hail Mary pass; Varitek splitting the uprights.”
Thomas Menino, May 10, 2010 Audio and/or video clip available

Boston Mayor Tom Mumbles Menino had some interesting plans in store for the Boston Celtics World Championship celebration in 2008.
“Tomorrow’s a day is a celebration in our city. Come down to Bos - come downtown, enjoy yourself, give the Celtics the rousing ahh cheer they deserve, arousing city, city, a rousing season in the city of Boston.”
Thomas Menino, June 18, 2008 Audio and/or video clip available

Speaking at a National Press Club luncheon, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino had an interesting statement about the possibility of taking John Kerry's Senate seat, should he be elected President in 2004.
“Lemme just say, uh, I will not be candidation I'll seek. But I will accept a draft.”
Thomas Menino, April 30, 2003

Speaking at a National Press Club luncheon, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino had lost count of his solutions.
“There's two solutions for homelessness. More housing, affordable housing, and better health care. That's two solutions.”
Thomas Menino, April 30, 2003

Boston Mayor Mumbles Menino declared that people could not conjugate (congregate?) on the Boston Public Garden.
“It doesn't say people can't walk to the garden or run through the garden. It means that people cannot conjugate on the Garden, you know three or more people conjugating on the Boston Public, on the Public Garden over the next several weeks will be banned.”
Thomas Menino, Unknown Date

Boston Mayor Mumbles Menino didn't know if he did or had done his duty.
“I have did my duty.”
Thomas Menino, Unknown Date

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