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Eddie Bernice Johnson
Eddie Bernice Johnson
Moonbat Congresswoman from Texas who awards relatives and aides with scholarship money.
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Eddie Bernice Johnson Quotes
In an interview with CNS News, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson did not think she had any responsibility to read the 10,535 of Obamacare regulations.
“I have not read the final regulations, don't plan on doing it. I haven't had the time to do it. I don't think that that's my responsibility to do it.”
Eddie Bernice Johnson, October 10, 2013

In a quick evolving story, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson attempted to perform damage control when it was discovered that she awarded scholarships to family and politcal connections.
“I recognized the names when I saw them. And I knew that they had a need just like any other kid that would apply for one.”
Eddie Bernice Johnson, August 2010

In a quick evolving story, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson claimed she gave family members scholarships because no one else in her district was worthy.
“If there had been very worthy applicants in my district, then I probably wouldn't have given it.”
Eddie Bernice Johnson, August 2010

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